About Us

Welcome to AD Products To-Go

AD Products To-Go was formed in 2000 by Joann D. Huntington and his team of digital specialists, who are establishing a new standard for reaching audiences on social media, engaging and converting them.  Every company and brand has to be able to compete in the market, and they need to have a strong positioning that allows them to differentiate themselves from other businesses and brands in their industry, as well as provide a solid basis for future expansion. We offer all of the marketing consulting, advertising agency, and branding services that our competitors perform under one roof, eliminating the need for silos or handoffs. Similarly, a “one size fits all” strategy to social media won’t work in the fast changing social and digital arena.

AD Products To-Go creates personalized, creative social media strategies for customers using a data-driven, audience-led methodology. We propose essential platforms, how to engage your audience, and how to generate material that connects with your customers. Our media-buying techniques are geared around maximizing results rather than maximizing costs. Our display ad strategies involve improving and amplifying the best performing content in order to maximize the return on your ad budget. Promoting content from a global calendar and simplifying workflows to make it easier for clients and their agencies to work together are just a few of the many ways we help our clients and their agencies work together more effectively.

Using cutting-edge techniques, our ad designers try to get into the heads of your target audience. Using this method, you may connect with your clients on a deeper level and encourage good user feedback. Your marketing efforts will be more successful because of our ad design services, which will help you target the right audience. Understanding your company’s needs will allow us to produce the best possible ad designs for your business. Our clients benefit from the interactive designs we create for them as part of our unique solutions. More leads can be generated if you have a compelling call to action.